Healthy Relationships

This poster and resources educate individuals on healthy and unhealthy characteristics of relationships.

Vaping is Smoking

Did you know one JUUL pod is equivalent to 20 cigarettes? Our vaping poster and conversation starter explore this fact and more.

Know Your ABVs

This educational poster addresses alcohol by volume, as well as a resource on which standard drinks are below 15 percent ABV.

Hazing: Know the signs

While 55 percent of college students are hazed, only five percent of them recognize what happened to the as hazing.

Support Your Sisters

This poster and conversation starter provide tips on how to support a survivor of sexual assault.

Know the Strength, Amount & Time — Video

These resources educate collegians about what is considered a standard drink and teaches strategies for personal risk reduction.

Reflect Values in Action — Video

Do your actions match your values? Watch this video to reflect on your decision making.

Face-to-Face Communication Skills — Video

This video helps collegians understand the importance of face-to-face communication when dealing with conflict.

Online Identity and Privacy — Video

This video shows you how the information you share online can put you at risk.

Posts Are Not Private

This posters reminds individuals social media posts are never private. Once you press send, they are potentially out there forever.

What's Your Pour IQ?

Students often don't know how strong drinks are, and this poster sheds light on what a standard drink really means.

Hazing Statistics

This poster calls attention to some hazing-related statistics, with the most important fact at the end: "100% of students have an obligation to report hazing when they see it."

Cocaine: It's Not a Party Drug

Highlighting the side effects of cocaine use, this poster encourages students to consider the negative effects a short high can have on their lives.

Are You OK?

This poster reminds students how important it is to check in on friends and their emotional well-being and to reflect on what it means to be a good brother/sister when it comes to mental health.

Getting Back to Zero

This poster facilitates conversations around the consequences related to a high BAC and the amount of time required to "sober up."

Report Hazing

This poster brings attention to the need for individuals to feel supported in reporting situations of hazing and mistreatment of one another.

Misplacing Blame

This campaign aids in creating awareness around the topic of victim blaming and how to support a survivor of sexual assault.

Men vs. Women: BAC

This program prompts conversations about how gender can translate to a marked difference in BAC levels.

New Year, New You

This poster can be used as a positive reminder to think of the new year as a chance to plan for the future success of the chapter.

It's On Us

This harm reduction poster was created in support of the “It’s On Us” campaign and serves as a simple, profound reminder that our expectation is members treat others with dignity and respect.

Social Norms: Size Matters

A play off the 2012 red Solo Cup design, this poster reminds students that "size matters" when it comes to pouring drinks.

Sexual Assault Prevention

This program from spring 2014 aims to address consent, especially when a person has been drinking.


The Reset program released in winter 2014 is designed to have chapter members think of all the possibilities ahead of them as leaders.

Social Norms

Due to the popularity of the Red Solo Cup poster in 2012, a new version was released in fall 2013 to define a standard drink and provide strategies for personal risk reduction.

Know Your Pour

This program from spring 2013 gave tips for moderating drinking and reducing your personal risk.


This program from fall 2012 defined prevention and provided ways to keep yourself and your friends safe.

Red Solo Cup

This program from spring 2012 educates about what is considered a standard drink and teaches strategies for personal risk reduction.


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